Continue The Legendary Marvel Adventure With Dark City

July 3, 2013 by brennon

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Upper Deck have finally released the Dark City Expansion to Legendary and below you can see some more artwork too to hopefully entice you into exploring this rather large expansion...

Legendary - Dark City Box

The game itself comes with...

350 playable cards with ALL New content!
4 original art pieces per hero
17 Heroes
5 Masterminds
6 Villain Groups
2 Henchmen Groups
New Keyword Mechanics
Two Sided Color Rule Sheet

I've seen the original game played by Watch it Played and they seemed to have a lot of fun with it. New villains, henchmen, masterminds and heroes should prove to be an ace experience that has bucket loads of replay value.

Iron Fist

Goon & Thugs

As well as the box art you can also check out some more card art for the game. First up we have Iron Fist, created during a boom period where the love for martial arts heroes was spreading like wild fire. He even dressed up as Daredevil at one point to keep Matt Murdock out of the firing line!

On the other side of that we have some hired goons who, in typical comic fashion, have found themselves a modern Tommy Gun. It will be fun to take down those minions in game.

Will you be Legendary?

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