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Star Wars: Edge of the Empire



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Community Spotlight: The May 4th Star Wars Special!


As it's May 4th we decided to focus in on a whole bunch of awesome Star Wars goodness for Community Spotlight this week. Check out some great painting and innovative world building!

Cult Of Games XLBS: Captain Gerry Needs A Uniform & Warren Longer Legs!


Another week has come and gone and all that remains are memories and of course the progress of our hobby, and yours. So join our social outcasts as they take a meander through the last seven days of hobby.

FFG Go Back To The Clone Wars In Star Wars: Edge Of The Empire


Fantasy Flight Games are stepping back in time to the Clone Wars with a new Era Supplement for Star Wars: Edge Of The Empire.

Star Wars RPG Moments Come To Life With Critical Injury & Hit Decks


Fantasy Flight has found a new way to make your Star Wars RPG play even more epic! Their 2 new Critical Hits and Injury Decks will allow players to see and feel the more serious moments of game play.

A New Hutt Sourcebook for Star Wars: Edge of the Empire


Sometimes it's good to be bad, and with Fantasy Flight Game's newest sourcebook, The Lords of Nal Hutta, players can do their worst within Hutt Space for the RPG, Star Wars: Edge of the Empire.

New Smuggler’s Sourcebook for Edge of the Empire


There's never been a better time to consider the exciting life of a smuggler in Star Wars- Edge of the Empire. Fantasy Flight Games reports that 2015 will bring a new sourcebook for smugglers, Fly Casual!

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