Community Spotlight: The May 4th Star Wars Special!

May 4, 2020 by brennon

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Come and join us for another delve into the Projects to find the best of the best from the last week or so. We're going to be getting stuck into lots of great looking pieces this week...

Community Spotlight: The May 4th Star Wars Special!

...make sure to always let us know what YOU have been working on and share it across the site.

Count Dooku by jockjay

We start off with a fantastic single miniature painted up by jockjay to get us in the mood. Here we have the infamous and deadly Count Dooku who has been painted up exceptionally well and looks just the part for a clash during the Clone Wars.


I have recently been watching through the Star Wars prequels and whilst they aren't anything special, they have reignited the fire for all things Star Wars. One such character that it would have been great to see expanded upon within the films is Count Dooku and when you see how cool his miniature is, it's hard to imagine why you wouldn't take him in one of your games.

The model here is fantastically well painted and I particularly love the attention to detail concerning the face and the trim around his Sith outfit. The lightsaber has also come out looking great with a neat shimmer to it, thrumming with energy.


This is just a quick swap to the other side of the model but it's still looking great and you can even make out more of the effort that has gone into the face here. If you're going to be bringing the brilliant Christopher Lee to the tabletop then you need to get the likeness spot on!

I hope that this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Star Wars: Legion content from jockjay and we'll see that project expand in the future with more characters. I won't lie, I've got an Obi-Wan Kenobi miniature in the post just waiting to be painted up!

Star Wars: Legion Collection by artemis5051

Next up, we look towards a more expanded Star Wars: Legion collection and the continued efforts by artemis5051 on their Star Wars: Legion miniatures. We start with the light side of The Force this time around and get a peek at the duo of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Clone Captain Rex.

Star Wars Collection #1 by artemis5051

These have come together, again, very nicely and I love seeing people make white and off-white pop so nicely on their models. The schemes as a whole are spot on, very clean and really pop. Again, much like with the work on Count Dooku above, it's ace to see so much effort put into the facial details and making them look like their characters from film and TV.

Things expand and get even cooler when you check out this work on one of the BARC Speeder here. Again, the Clone Troopers are painted up very nicely indeed and I like how neatly the black under armour has been picked out but it goes to new heights with the speeder itself!

Star Wars Collection #2 by artemis5051

I think what makes the model look even nicer is the addition of the battle damage across the vehicle. It works to make the vehicle look well-used and a veteran of the Clone Wars conflict rather than something which has just come off the assembly line. Don't get me wrong, clean-cut paint schemes are great, but these are soldiers and the Clone Wars was a pretty epic clash. It makes sense that the vehicles would have suffered a bit!

Finally, we also have some miniatures from the original trilogy. Here we have some of the Emperor's Royal Guards who are gearing up to take on those who would threaten their master.

-5ea96d426a2fa--5ea96d426a2fcStar Wars Collection #3 by artemis5051.jpg

These particular elements of the Galactic Empire's force were some of the best-of-the-best and whilst they didn't really get a fair run out in the movies, they are some of the deadliest soldiers out there. Fun fact; when I was researching the Clone Wars and its troopers, some of them at least ended up as part of the Royal Guard so that they could continue to fight and serve the Galactic Empire, especially as conscripts began to be drafted in to replace clones.

Coming back to the miniatures though, they are looking awesome. The deep red has come out particularly well and the bases really help to set the models off. I think it would be a joy to play with these on the tabletop and give them a fair shake at kicking some Rebel ass!

Star Wars RPG Assets by grimwolfuk

Finally, we're turning to something which doesn't involve miniatures (at least not yet). grimwolfuk is going to be venturing into a Star Wars: Edge Of The Empire roleplaying game with some friends and has been working on some great assets to help build on their world. It starts with this nice map which has been collated from different sources.

-5ea96d47d4bb9--5ea96d47d4bbaStar Wars RPG Materials #1 by grimwolfuk.png

As if the map wasn't enough of a cool option for those diving into the game, grimwolfuk has also worked on some Wanted Posters for the team of misfits which will be joining him at the tabletop. With script on them written in aurebesh, it's an awesome in-world nod to the characters.

-5ea96d69448cf--5ea96d69448d0Star Wars RPG Materials #2 by grimwolfuk.png

Again, these assets have come from a range of different sources but they have come together really nicely to present some awesome imagery for roleplaying. It's always neat when you see things like these designed by those running the game and the players involved, giving you a window into the world.

-5ea96d6c2ffea--5ea96d6c2ffebStar Wars RPG Materials #3 by grimwolfuk.png

Considering that Edge Of The Empire is a game which doesn't require miniatures and mainly happens within the theatre of the mind, these kinds of player aids and visual cues really help to keep you in the action.

-5ea96d7058962--5ea96d7058964Star Wars RPG Materials #4 by grimwolfuk.png

There is a lot more sitting in the project and hopefully, as the campaign progresses, we'll find more awesome visual assets making their way into the project too. Working on this kind of stuff is equally as cool as seeing great miniatures being painted and more folks could do something similar.

What Are You Painting Right Now?

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