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The King Is Dead


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Osprey Games’ The King Is Dead 2nd Edition Coming July 2020


Osprey Games are going to be releasing their board game, The King Is Dead, in July 2020 with an updated look and a few tweaks to the mechanics. 

The King Is Dead – Board Game Review


I take a look at one of the first board games from Osprey, a Euro Game by Peer Sylvester called The King Is Dead. Arthurian political intrigue meets quick and easy to learn board game you could play down the pub!

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Osprey’s The King Is Dead Board Game Now Available


Osprey have now released their first board game, The King Is Dead, set after the fall of King Arthur when a power vacuum struck and everyone was vying for control of Britain. It certainly looks like a lot of fun and could well be one of those games you could set up in the pub to play...

Wargames Illustrated Takes A Look At Osprey’s The King Is Dead


Wargames Illustrated have given us a look inside the box for Osprey Publishing's first big board game - The King Is Dead. Placed in historical terms after the death of Arthur this game has you trying to gain control of Britain with one ruling faction...

Osprey Work On Their First Board Game – The King Is Dead!


See what you think of the news that Osprey Publishing has put their hat into the board game ring! See what you think of The King is Dead which plays out after the fall of Arthur...

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