Weekender: Warmachine Team Championships & Andy Chambers Talks Dropfleet

September 26, 2015 by dignity

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We've got a packed show for you this week after a mammoth few days of filming. The big news is that Andy Chambers, the mind behind Dropfleet Commander was in the studio!

Weekender: Warmachine Team Championships & Andy Chambers Talks Dropfleet


Kicking things off we do our run down of some of the coolest news stories from the week...

  • Antenocitis Workshop's Hot Rides - The guys at Antenocitis Workshop have put together some awesome vehicles designed to make the streets of Infinity look a lot classier
  • The King Is Dead - Osprey Games' first board game has now been released. Will you control Britain?
  • Frostgrave Nickstarter Begins - Thaw of the Lich Lord is now up and running from North Star and Osprey building on the world of Frostgrave
  • Stormtroopers Hit Their Target - Star Wars: Imperial Assault gets a new Villain Pack filled with Stormtroopers who have been upgraded quite a bit
  • Danger Close - Check out our thoughts on this small but intense skirmish rules set from Empress Miniatures for modern era warfare

Dropfleet Commander

As we mentioned above we had the fantastic Andy Chambers in the studio of Games Workshop fame and quizzed him on his new project with Hawk WargamesDropfleet Commander.

We've got more coming from Andy so keep an eye out for additional content in the pipeline.

Warmachine Team Championships

Someone you'll be seeing of more over the next few months is our friend Tomas Mennes. He has just come back from the Warmachine Team Championship and stopped by to talk about the event and how it runs.

Have you given this format a go?

Kickstarter Madness

Just as with the news we've been slammed by Kickstarters as September comes to a close. Here are just a few of our picks...

  • Warpath Begins - Mantic have charged off through multiple stretch goals already for their Warpath Kickstarter and it shows no signs of slowing down
  • Urban Apocalypse - Battle Systems have begun to create tabletops straight from the end of days. They have had some successful campaigns in the past for both Fantasy and Sci-Fi so this was the logical next step
  • Infinity RPG - Modiphius get you settled into the deep and rich background of Infinity RPG which is also doing extremely well on Kickstarter
  • Burrows & Badgers - Oathsworn continue their success with small but effective fundraisers. Burrows & Badgers: Freelances adds new heroes and villains to their Redwall-esque world
  • The Others: 7 Sins - Conquering Kickstarter once again CoolMiniOrNot have been blasting through additional models and expansions for this horror filled board game

Don't forget that we have a whole other show tomorrow morning so check back on Sunday...

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Have a great weekend!

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