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Thunderbirds Co-operative Board Game


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Art Direction


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Sam talks with Chris Birch, founder of Modiphius Entertainment, about his experiences working as a games publisher, and what goes into working on titles like Star Trek, Fallout, or Elder Scrolls.

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New episodes of the Thunderbirds are coming!

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See what you think of the new Thunderbirds TV show that launched here in the UK. Check out the first episode within!

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See what you think of the awesome alternative artwork that you can pick from when it comes to the Thunderbirds Board Game Kickstarter by Modiphius!

Thunderbirds Add-On Gets You Role-Playing As International Rescue!


See how the Thunderbirds Board Game from Matt Leacock is expanding and developing into something entirely new with the addition of a Thunderbird Role-Playing Game to the add-ons for the Kickstarter!

New Penelope, Parker & Brains Designs Released For Thunderbirds!


Lady Penelope, Parker and Brains have all been shown off the the new look Thunderbirds! What do you make of them?

Modiphius’ Thunderbirds Board Game Kickstarter Is Go!


The long awaited Kickstarter for Modiphius' Thunderbirds board game is go and things are looking F.A.B.

Check Out The World Of Thunderbirds & The New Look Vehicles!


Thunderbirds Are Go with a new selection of videos and images showing off the different characters and iconic vehicles that the Tracy family are going to be using to save the world!

Modiphius’ Thunderbirds Vehicles Blast Off for the Board Game


Modiphius have revealed the sculpts for Thunderbirds 1 to 5 which will be blasting off to save the day in their much anticipated board game!

Check Out The New Look Thunderbirds & See What You Think!


See what you think of the new look of the Thunderbird stars, the boys from Tracy Island. Is this new design something you can get behind?

Thunderbirds Board Game Gets Promotional Cover & Survey!


Check out the awesome piece of cover art that will grace the front of the Thunderbirds Co-Operative Board Game from Modiphius and the creator of Pandemic!

Thunderbirds Are Go Once Again With ITV Remake!


ITV have been working on a new remake of the classic Gerry Anderson TV series Thunderbirds and at this year's MIPJunior television industry conference in Cannes the pilot appeared to audiences for the first time.

Thunderbirds are Go from Modiphius!


Exciting news for all fans of cult 1960's supermarionation TV, as Modiphius have announced that they have just announced a licensing deal to produce a new tabletop game. 5...4...3...2...1... Thunderbirds are Go!

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