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Z War One


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Z War One Looks Towards A New Survivor On Kickstarter


Z War One from Dice Sports is now funded and they are looking towards their next stretch goal which might make fans of The Last Of Us smile a little. See what you think of the young but deadly Amy Riley...

Grab The Comic Inspired Z War One Board Game On Kickstarter


Dice Sports are on Kickstarter looking to fund their zombie slaying board game Z War One which is unique in that it has a comic book twist. Check it out in the gameplay above and some more information below...

New Countdown To The Comic Book Campaign As Z War One Is On!


Do you have what you need to fend off zombies? You have until June 1st to get ready, because on that date, Dice Wars launches their comic book, campaign Kickstarter - Z War One!

Z War One Promotes Zombie Game With Short Film


Check out Z War One: Extraction then wait for the Kickstarter on this role-playing horror filled board game.

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