Grab The Comic Inspired Z War One Board Game On Kickstarter

June 1, 2015 by brennon

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Dice Sports are on Kickstarter looking to fund their zombie slaying board game Z War One which is unique in that it has a comic book twist. Check it out in the gameplay above and some more information below...

Z War One (Box)

What's The Game About?

Z War One takes an existing comic book by the same company and adds a layer of awesomeness with heroes, zombies, tiles and of course some dice to make an ace sounding game.

Issue One Boxed Contents

More about the game...

"Z War One is the world's first episodic, comic book miniature board game. It blends classic survival horror & RPG themes with intense tactical combat, to provide a cinematic and truly unique gaming experience.

The Z War One Issue #1 box set contains the extended first issue of the comic, along with the base set of models & boards you need to start playing the game. Each subsequent comic book acts as an expansion pack, continuing the game's epic story, whilst introducing new miniatures, game mechanics & environments along the way."

Hero & Zombie Sculpts

Comic Book Missions

One of the cool modes you can play the game in is Director Mode...

"Director Mode is a quick-play (non campaign) game variation For 2-5 players, Director Mode allows one player, through the use of director cards, to stack the odds against the heroes, manipulating spawning, pacing & enemy behaviour to suit their own evil design. In director Mode "the worst thing that could possibly happen" usually does."

Issue Two & More

As well as the contents of Issue One there is another expansion planned called, predictably, Issue Two which adds another hero to the game with his bow and arrow (plus a dog!) and a new zombie type called Diggers.

Issue Two

I think this looks like a really fun concept and of course should hopefully lead to these guys being able to supply neat additional content further down the road. Everyone loves zombie games right now and with the addition of a long running campaign you could be in for quite the fun ride.

There is also another variant of the game called Agent Z...

Agent Z

""Tactical Espionage - with Zombies!" Agent Z is a limited edition mini companion game which ships with all "Z Day" and "Total War" pledges. Different in tone to the co-operative Z War game, Agent Z is a 2 player "versus" game which pits two secret agents against each other in a variety of different scenarios.

Of course it's all set to the backdrop of a world overrun with zombies and other infected, but now those zombies can be used against your enemy. Throw a pheromone grenade and see your opponent swarmed, grab a passing corpse and use it as an undead human shield or, using a director card, take direct control of a digger and give the opposition something serious to worry about."

This all sounds like a superb package with lots of gun things to do. They are already (at time of writing) closing in on their funding goal so it shouldn't be long until we start seeing stretch goals!

Do you want another Zombie game?

"Director Mode allows one player, through the use of director cards, to stack the odds against the heroes..."

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