Forge World Gives Us A Glimpse Inside Horus Heresy Tempest

May 13, 2015 by brennon

Forge World have given us a glimpse inside the pages of the new Horus Heresy Book Five: Tempest which details the attack by the Word Bearers on the Ultramarines at Calth.

Titans, Lots of Titans...

First up we get a full view of the Titans in action with an amazing piece of artwork. It shows off the smaller Warhound and such below a mighty Warlord Titan dominating the skyline. While it won't be that big on the tabletop (by scale) it's still going to be impressive.


It's going to be amazing seeing how they actually turn out. We've seen a picture of the foot/leg, the two arms and even a bit of the head already and they are massive.

Brother Against Brother

As well as the Titans there are of course a whole host of Space Marines on the planet duking it out with each other. Lorgar will be facing off against Roboute Guilliman with the Word Bearers and Ultramarines respectively...


Ultramarines Vs Word Bearers

There is already a character for Lorgar but it will be interesting to see Roboute Guilliman finally takes shape for the Horus Heresy Character Series. It still dazzles me seeing the amazing armour designs of the Pre-Heresy and Heresy period; it all looks so much cooler than it does now!

Will you be getting this?

"Lorgar will be facing off against Roboute Guilliman with the Word Bearers and Ultra Marines respectively..."

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