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Delve Into Dungeons Of Doom V With Old School RPG Characters


A great team of folks have banded together for the new Dungeons Of Doom Kickstarter. Star Hat Miniatures, Flytrap Factory and Gary Hunt Miniatures to name a few!

Gary Hunt Miniatures Reveal Their Hyenaman Shapeshifter


Developing their range of Beestwars miniatures, Gary Hunt has worked on this new model known as the Hyenaman Shapeshifter.

Gary Hunt Miniatures Go Hunting With New Barbarian Hyenaman


Gary Hunt Miniatures have expanded upon their collection of Barbarians for the Fantasy Warr range.

Gary Hunt Miniatures Build On Their Savage Fantasy Range


Gary Hunt Miniatures has built on the range of savage warriors with this awesome look at the Hyena Man, a Human Barbarian for you to use when you're playing our your Beest War games.

Gary Hunt Works With ZombieSmith On Beestwars Rules


If you've become a fan of the wild warriors sculpted by Gary Hunt then you might be interested in the skirmish game he's working on with ZombieSmith called Beestwars.

Weekender: Win A Battle Systems Shanty Town & Discussing World War II What Ifs!


It's time to get stuck into another jam-packed episode of The Weekender talking World War II what ifs and more!

The Geladan Bound Forth From The Forests By Gary Hunt


Gary Hunt Miniatures has expanded upon the Geladan Collection, a range of Baboon Warriors, ready to hunt down interlopers into their lands.

Gary Hunt Previews Heroic Miniatures Coming In 2015


See what Gary Hunt Miniatures have lined up for you as the new year rolls around. The image is unfortunately very small but hopefully we'll see some better images soon.

Gary Hunt Miniatures Unleash Their Black Dragon


Will you be raising one of these dragons as your own with the help of Gary Hunt and his draconic range?

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