Gary Hunt Miniatures Brings The Beestwar To Kickstarter

January 24, 2020 by brennon

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Gary Hunt Miniatures is starting off small on Kickstarter with a great new project which launches January 28th. The Beestwar is coming as they work towards a MAKE 100 project which will offer up two new models for their range.

Savage Metal Kickstarter - Gary Hunt Miniatures

You can click on the Kickstarter Preview Link and make sure that you get notified at launch because, as mentioned above, this is going to be a focused project which will allow for the creation of a certain number of miniatures. 100 backers will be able to get into the mix and pick up these cool looking miniatures, the Clovis Wilderbeest...

Clovis Wilderbeest - Gary Hunt Miniatures

...and the wild-looking Hyenaman Gnoll. Both of the models are currently in the design step and the campaign will be looking to introduce these new characters into Hunt's range into fancy pewter pieces for you to use on the tabletop.

Hyenaman Gnoll - Gary Hunt Miniatures

As well as the models that you see here, backers will also be able to dive in and pick up a range of optional extras too. A wider collection of models from the extended Hunt collection will be available so that you can turn these two miniatures into part of a full warband.

The rules themselves for Hunt's game are available HERE so you can go and check those out if you like. They are free and give you a nice insight into what Hunt has plans for with his wild creatures.

Are you tempted to dive in and give this project a go?

"Are you tempted to dive in and give this project a go?"

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