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The Weekender XLBS: Thoughts On The Grumpy Convention


Last week saw the awesome Grumpy Old War Gamers Convention come to Tabletop Nation and in this weekends XLBS we discuss what we thought of the event and what we'd like to do in the future too!

Grumpy Old War Gamers Convention: Day One Round-Up


Grumpy Old War Gamers was incredibly busy on Day One and with that we have a round-up of what was happening. Check out the video above for another taster of the event from Joeyberry where she even finds time to nick stuff...

Grumpy Old War Gamers: Youtuber Panel


As well as the games and the painting competition we also had a chat with the Youtubers down in the bar here at Tabletop Nation. Where better to have a chinwag about our hobby?

Photos from the Grumpy Old War Gamer Convention


A busy day has come and gone here at the Grumpy Old War Gamers Convention and below you'll see a whole load of pictures from the day showing off some of the events that have been running here...

Grumpy Old War Gamer Convention Photos Day 2


Check out some more of the awesome photos from Day 2 of the Grumpy War Gamers Convention. There was loads on offer and some great games, especially Flames of War Vietnam!

TemplarsCrusade01 Tours Grumpy Old War Gamers!


The rather huge and indeed friendly TemplarsCrusade01 gives you a tour around the Grumpy Old War Gamers convention looking at some of the games being played, the tables on offer and a few other things too.

Grumpy Old War Gamer’s Painting Competition


Check out some of the stunning miniatures that have turned up at the Grumpy Old Wargamers Convention here at Tabletop Nation. Pick out your favourite and I'll have the whole lot up for you soon!

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