Photos from the Grumpy Old War Gamer Convention

June 9, 2013 by lloyd

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A busy second day has come and gone here at the Grumpy Old War Gamers Convention and below you'll see a whole load of pictures from the day showing off some of the events that have been running here...

Tabletop Nation Gaming Space #1

Tabletop Nation Gaming Space #2

DreadBall Demo Games

Warmachine Demo Games

Relics Demo Games

Warzone Ressurection Demo Games

Dropzone Commander

Leviathans Game

Loads of games had been running throughout the day including a massive D-Day Gold Beach scenario for Flames of War, DreadBall, Warmachine, Relics and a host of other games too.

Prodos Games were here demonstrating and indeed showing off some of the models for Warzone: Resurrection and we even saw a rather nice game of Dropzone Commander, and as you can see above, Leviathans!

Painting Demonstrations

Painting Competition


Imperial Guard Tank

Painting Competition Winners Announcements

As well as the games we had a painting competition running throughout the day, and you'll be able to take a closer look at the miniatures that were entered in the various categories via one of the posts below this one. The winners got some very snazzy prizes!

Youtuber Panel


As well as that we also had a great line up of Youtube Wargamers who sat down for a great panel where they discussed their thoughts on the industry and gaming as a whole with Warren. Joeyberry even found some time out to do a little bit of filming and a neat bit of stealing too!

City Ruins

Pirate Ship Board

D-Day Landing

Snowy City Scape

Dave Commanding Germans!

It's been pretty jam packed all day and we even had a nice bit of Iron Kingdoms dungeon running thanks to our very own Andy. He painted up some miniatures especially for the event!

Hope you've had a great wargaming weekend!

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