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Plenty More Fallschirmjäger On The Way From Heer46


Lots more of the Fallschirmjäger will be heading your way from Heer46 in the near future as they showed off some of the early 3D render work on the models over the last few days.

The Russian Winter Platoon Takes Shape From Heer46


Heer46 has been showing off a change in their collection as they move from Germans to some Soviets with the Russian Winter Platoon troops.

Heer46 Band Together A New German Panzerfaust Team


Heer46 are looking to scare away enemy armour in World War II with a new German Panzerknacker ‘Armour Breaker’ Unit for use in your 28mm wargames.

Face Down Tanks With Heer46’s PaK 40 Gun & Crew


If you’re looking to take down some approaching tanks or maybe even try and level a building or two how about this new PaK 40 Gun & Crew from Heer46?

Heer46 Previews Their Wintery World War II Tank Hunters


Heer46 are handing out in a wintery World War II setting with their latest preview of a Panzerknacker Team over on Facebook.

German Gebirgsjäger WWII 28mm Now On Kickstarter From Heer46


Heer46 are looking to fund the creation of a number of Gebirgsjäger Divisions over on Kickstarter right now. Come and take a look at what they’re doing with these elite German soldiers.

Heer46’s Charkov Line Complete With Machine Gun Team


Heer46 has now finished off their Charkov line of soldiers for World War II with a Machine Gun Team, wrapped up warm as we head into winter and they do too on the battlefield.

Weekender XLBS: Rusty Tanks Look Awesome & Do We Need More Alternative Models?


Heer46 Prepare To Fire Their German Flakrocket!


Heer46 are wheeling out a rather interesting looking project for your World War II era German armies to consider using on the tabletop. Take a look at the German Flakrocket, the Rheintochter.

Heer46 Get Stoessi’s Heroes Ready For Your WWII Tabletop


Heer46 have worked with Stoessi’s Heroes to create five new characters that would be great for dropping into your World War II games on the tabletop.

The English Tank Commanders Take Shape From Heer46


Heer46 have been working hard on their new British range and the British Tank Commander we saw a glimpse of not long ago has now taken shape with this new work-in-progress shot that we got from them on social media…

Heer46 Begin Work On World War II British Soldiers


Heer46 have begun work on their British Soldiers after doing very well on making their German miniatures a reality. You can see the first fruits of their labour below with a spotter of some description looking out over the battlefield to probably call in some artillery…

Weekender: Age Of Sigmar Hits & Amazing Terrain


Welcome to The Weekender! We’ve got some
cracking stuff for you today including a look
at some brilliant terrain.

The German Troops In Kharkov 1943 Project Is Live On Indiegogo


Heer46 has a nice, new line of 28mm 1940’s German miniatures on Indiegogo right now. Their Kharkov 1943 project offers backers the ability to tailor their choices for sets to field the types of troops that they’d like.

Heer46 Heading To Kickstarter With 28mm WWII German Infantry


Heer46 are heading to Kickstarter soon to create a range of 28mm German Infantry and more for World War II wargaming. Since we’re still in a bit of a Boot Camp mood it makes sense we’re checking this out!

Heer46 Need Help Funding An Awesome New Tank


Heer46 has taken to IndieGoGo in order to fund the production of a rather neat looking tank with some variants.