Weekender: Unboxing The Edge Dawnfall & Nanty Narking In The Streets Of London!

September 1, 2018 by dracs

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We get stuck into another Weekender today where we're unboxing awesome things and talking about a game which is very close to Sam's heart, Nanty Narking!

Weekender: Unboxing The Edge Dawnfall & Nanty Narking In The Streets Of London!

Make sure to comment on anything that you liked from the show today and of course pop some thoughts in on the audio quality too to help us out.

The Edge: Dawnfall

The first thing for today is to get stuck into an unboxing of The Edge: Dawnfall from Awaken Realms. We are going to be delving into the goodies that you get inside their massive boxed set for the game.

The folks at Awaken Realms also do some sterling miniatures and we drool over those as well!


To keep you up-to-date with what's happening with us here at OnTableTop/Beasts Of War we are closing The End Is Nigh competition.

Additionally, the next Livestream from us will be on Tuesday 4th September where we will be playing Rising Sun from CMON Games.


Keeping us in the loop on news, Ben tells us what caught his eye from this week...

...what caught your eye and what did you think of these stories we covered?

Nanty Narking!

Sam sits down with the guys from Phalanx Games to talk about Nanty Narking. This game by Martin Wallace is a re-imagining of Discworld: Ankh-Morpork and is a lot of fun!

Watch out for the Kickstarter for this going live on 3rd September!


Check out a few different Kickstarter projects that might be worth your time...

Will you be backing these campaigns?

Competition - WIN A Nanty Narking Kickstarter Upgrade

If you are backing the campaign next week you will be able to comment below (include your Backer number) and potentially win an Upgrade Pack for your pledge!

Let us know what you think of Nanty Narking and if you'll be playing this game.

Have a great weekend!

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