Terrain Challenge: The End Is Nigh – Progress Report [UPDATED]

August 28, 2018 by lancorz

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It's been a while now since we released the details of the Hobby Labs Open Challenge: The End is Nigh. If you've missed out on the information, let's just recap:

We've teamed up with 4Ground once more to bring you The End Is Nigh Terrain Challenge.

  • Start Date: 23rd June 18 - End Date: 31st August 18
  • Prizes: 4x £50 vouchers
  • Categories: Best Idea, Best Skill, Best Tutoring & Junior
  • Theme: Apocalyptic / Post Apocalyptic
  • All entries must be through the projects system, tagged as the "Terrain Challenge" and must be linked through to a forum topic for collation.

With all the details over with, I think it's time to check out what you have been working on since in the fantastic new Projects system here on the website.

Tomd's Crashed Vertibird!


We have another awesome project for you to check out from the Post-Apocalyptic world of Fallout as @tomd works on this superb Crashed Vertibird project. This shows off a lot of skill and attention to detail and really goes into developing a narrative for a piece so that you get a full understanding of the scenario around its demise!

Holly's Undead Ranchers!

@wilco92's cousin Holly has been fascinated by his own project and so enters as one of our Young Beasts to create a ranch for not just horses, but undead horses! That's where The End Is Nigh bit comes in as I don't imagine many people will survive if they cross this set of skeletal cowboys on their journey.

You can come and see how it's been building up the massive ranch, farm and surrounding area on the link above.

Collins' End Is Nigh Storage Tanks

@collins is looking towards the apocalypse and some storage tanks that might have been fought over in the far future. Here you can see the finished version of one of his tanks and there is plenty of progress as he shows how this came to life within the Project above. He has been tinkering with other pieces of terrain too so watch this space.

Manda's Happy Radiation Pond

Here we have some unusual terrain pieces being used. The polystyrene I have to admit was a little daunting to look at as it was the bubbled pieces, however, @amachan has stuck to her guns and created something very unique and almost reminiscent of our very own Giants Causeway nearby.

Degenesis Post Apocalyptic Miniatures Game

Here we can see that @elysium64 has been planning this for a while since back at Salute 2018. He has been purchasing a variety of models to suit the Roleplaying game of Degenesis and kitbashing them to suit the style of the universe, I can't wait to see what happens with the scatter terrain next.

Terrain Challenge: Waterloo

Next up we have something that will pull the heartstrings of Warren and Justin, Waterloo. @bobmoor who is not necessarily a huge Abba fan is working through the famed Napoleonic battle of Waterloo and looking to create a landscape which will echo the challenge we've set forth. Who will end up in this battle I wonder?

Apartment Street Terrain Challenge

Community member @wilco92 has ingeniously managed to create terrain by not building anything himself...work smart, not hard, eh? Using his 3D printer he's been working through a huge log of terrain pieces for his games of Batman and All Out War using the Z1 Designs from Kickstarter.

The Tanker Ship Terrain Challenge

This was perfect timing for community member @core8ball as he is playing the This is Not a Test Roleplaying Game and so the challenge couldn't have come at a more opportune time. With ship blueprint references at his side and a buttload of foam, it's going to be an interesting month ahead!

Something Happened Somewhere

Somewhere, something has happened. What? Not sure. When? Some time ago now. @syromieshi has been working with friends to create a table that can be used for a wide variety of games. There's a few sketches so far so hopefully, we'll see some architectural work soon!

Cyfi's The End Is Nigh Terrain Challenge

Everyone needs a Realm Gate sometime in their life and now is the perfect time for @cyfi . It's been a long time coming but finally, he's making one. So far this is one of the most developed projects that I've seen on the challenge but I'm very much excited to see more in the future.

We All Come To An End

Well, with a title like that it's hard to think positively on these projects, however, user @necrothrall is working up a storm on a sinister looking graveyard using a variety of household tools like those horrible tongue depressers, eugh! We even have a project manager, Elvira to make sure the work is being done!

The End is Nigh: Deadlands

An ambitious piece by community member @hammerhead with a plan to make a full blown nightmare landscape, better known as the Deadlands from the Roleplaying Game of the same name. We forgot that this project will be ending on Halloween and that's perhaps the inspiration for this project, if you know what I mean...

Terrain Challenge: Zombie Suburbs

Starting with plans for a 3x3 Apocalypse table, user @darkvoivod invested in a hot wire foam cutter and an airbrush. The project has displayed a huge amount of guidance for those who are veterans and beginners in our hobby with very detailed instructions and a buffet of images.

Terrain Challenge: Shanty Town

Veteran terrain maker @soapdodger has entered the fray to build something fast and furious. As he is playing an RPG currently he's working on the requirements for a shanty town, with the help of Fallout 4 building creator it seem.

THE END IS NIGH: Dropzone Commander Alpha Bait / 10 mm farm penn

This project by @michel86 is a great piece that looks to have been made from a compact disc, they're running out of circulation now so what perfect use for those old burnt out CDs in your car. I'd happily throw down some paint and plaster over an old Elvis CD. 😛 This piece is made for Dropzone commander however if made bigger, it could serve perfectly for Fallout too!

The Last Market of Bataar

This is a project that truly sprung out of the clouds and boy is @tinracer doing an absolutely stunning job working on a little toy boat, expanding it into a city of it's own. The amount of work and deconstruction work to this project is impressive itself, I cannot wait to see how it finishes, let's hope there's enough time before the challenge ends!

Terrain Challenge: The Final Flight

This piece by @taffy666 is a more personal approach to the theme of the challenge, something that happens everyday and very meaningful in it's own right. The last pilot of a WW2 RAF squadron dragged from the sky into it's final days. An emotional and heartwrenching display that reminds us of the losses all those years ago.

Terrain Challenge: Boom You're Dead!

Looks like @commanderrob is attempting to stretch some limits here with the Terrain Challenge, luckily we're all inclusive and happy to see more projects popping up! Rob's working on a terrain piece to fit his 28mm Howitzer for Bolt Action.

Well, that's it. Make sure to tune into Hobby Hangout where we'll be talking about these projects in more detail and discussing some tips and tricks on how to improve and in general just sitting back in awe at some of the fantastic pieces shown above.

Remember, if you wish to join in on the Terrain Challenge, get your projects up and running. All entries must be put through the projects system, tagged as the "Terrain Challenge" and must be linked through to a forum topic for collation!

Are you going to be getting involved?

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