King Richard III Returns With Help From Perry Miniatures

February 7, 2013 by dracs

As some of you may have heard, King Richard III was recently found buried under a car park in Leicester. These have since been proven to be genuine and to celebrate this great discovery Perry Miniatures have created the Return of the King!

Perry - Return of Richard III

Yes it is a sculpt of King Richard himself bursting forth from his tomb beneath the inglorious car park. Which just makes me wonder, did he have a disabled parking permit for that horse?

The sculpt itself is excellent, a brilliant and humorous diorama that I personally am very tempted to pick up. As yet it is unfinished and will only be added to the Perry range if it generates enough interest. Perry Miniatures, I am interested! Make it so.

Who else likes the look of this dramatic tribute to a long dead and recently uncovered king?

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