Curteys Miniatures Bolster the Dark Age Hordes

September 4, 2012 by brennon

If you're looking for some reinforcements in the realm of historical gaming then maybe these new metal models from Curteys Miniatures will scratch that itch. Check out their Eastern Warriors below...

Eastern Command

Eastern Axemen

Eastern Armoured Spearmen

Eastern Archers

Eastern Spearmen & Javelins #1

Eastern Spearmen & Javelins #2

With a title like 'Eastern' I think we could firmly place these warriors on the continent of Europe but off towards Ukraine and Russia. Saying that, there's no real reason why they couldn't fit into most Dark Age and Medieval armies.

These are pretty good basic troops for filling out and army. They don't look too fiddly to put together either which is always a plus.

What do you reckon to their latest releases?

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