Deadly Skraelings Defend CP Models Miniatures

August 31, 2012 by brennon

If you're looking for some native defenders of the American shores ready to repel Viking invaders then how about these Skraelings from CP Models Miniatures?

Skraeling Warriors

They aren't as good as the Skraelings from Gripping Beast for SAGA but not bad regardless. They might make a good addition to a Pulp style adventure game as some natives trying to protect their land from your marauding adventurers.

Skraeling with Bows

There is also a selection of Skraeling with bows for taking down those Vikings at range. I think I prefer the Skraelings with the spears though, but that might just be because their painted and you can see the detail of the models better.

Will you be grabbing these natives?

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