Deus Vult Now Available for Pre-Order Via FireForge!

October 11, 2012 by brennon

The pre-orders for Deus Vult have now begun over on FireForge. Check out the covert art once more and then start working out what kind of army you will be taking into the Holy Land...

Deus Vult Rulebook

  • The Rules of War. Including rules for creating characterful leaders for your army's divisions, for scouting and seizing the best terrain on the battlefield and for fighting a battle of wit and nerve against your opponent.
  • Battle Scenarios. A series of different types of engagement, from the classical pitched battle to more complex layouts, which can be used to play challenging battles.
  • Mustering an Army. Rules for organising your models into an army, including two full army lists for the Early Crusader States and the Arab Dynasties, plus a range of sample units from other armies of the medieval period.
  • Fighting for God. Historical information and a detailed map describing the onset of the Crusades in the Holy Land.
  • The Battle of Samosata. The illustrated narration of one of our own games, featuring some well-known wargamers.....
  • Customising your Battles. Includes guidelines and useful tips for running different games of Deus Vult, including tournaments, as well as useful playing aids.

That's a fair amount of cool content and it's good to see a sample battle report in the rulebook, I have missed those! I do enjoy the time of the Crusades as a period in history, Kingdom of Heaven being one of my favourite films. I might have to start thinking about getting into this and collecting my own army!

Will you be picking up Deus Vult?

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