Officers & Militia March As One With Knuckleduster Miniatures

November 14, 2012 by brennon

Knuckleduster Miniatures has another pair of releases for the world of Historical wargaming. Check them out below ready for your battlefields of the past...

British GeneralsFirst up is the British General set, giving you access to two mounted leaders. One is brandishing his sword while the other has his spyglass out, looking to spy the enemy across the field of battle. A neat and characterful pair.

US Miltia with Lapels & Round Hats

There is also this set of US Militia from around the same time, so you could have some forces to combat those British Generals above! These have a very characteristic round hat atop their heads, making them a fun addition to your combined force.

Which side will you be coming down on, British or American?

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