Perry Miniatures are Exquisite!

October 11, 2011 by beerogre

As unabashed miniature-junkies, Romain and I have been drooling over the fantastic work of the Perry Twins with own range of Perry Miniatures.

Neither Romain nor I are really historical players, but the Perry's range of medieval and Asian historical miniatures is so good, that a simple paintjob is all it will take to create some fantastic fantasy characters and noble knights fit to grace any tabletop... just have a look at some of the amazing stuff on offer!

The Alan & Michael are probably best known for their tenure at Games Workshop, but their own range is sculpted in true 28mm scale, which makes it a much better fit with other historical and fantasy ranges, rather than the over-exaggerated heroic scale.

[@warzan: Or just 'exaggerated' eh??? lol]

If you haven't tried Perry Miniatures, then you really are missing out on what can only be described as the "fine wine of miniature sculpting". Simple and uncomplicated, yet perfectly proportioned and a joy to paint. I really do urge you all to take the plunge.

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