Raven’s Shadow Warbands for SAGA Now Up On Gripping Beast

October 19, 2012 by brennon

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SAGA's latest expansion, The Raven's Shadow brings four more warbands to the tabletop. Gripping Beast has now put together these Dark Age forces and you'll be able to grab them from their webstore in the near future.

Irish 4pt Warband

Norse Gael 4pt Warband

Strathclyde 4pt Warband

Above (from top to bottom) are the Irish, Norse Gael and Strathclyde Welsh warbands for SAGA. There is also a warband for the Franks but no image of those models exists at the moment.

I love these collections. They get you started in the world of SAGA with a variety of great quality metal models, and with the mass of different warbands on offer now it will be fun to see what people do to expand their warbands. They might be slightly on the pricey side, especially the boxed sets containing cavalry models but for something that will keep you going with little additional content needed I reckon its worth it.

You can grab all these warbands and the new rulebook soon by following the links above.

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