SAGA Predicts the Coming of Northern Fury

March 16, 2012 by brennon

SAGA is one of those games that I have been really wanting to pick up, and making it more enticing is some more news on their Northern Fury expansion published by Gripping Beast...

Northern Fury Rulebook

The Northern Fury expansion allows you to play as Anglo-Saxon, Breton, Jomsvikings & Scots on top of the original four factions for the game. The 3rd of April is the release date for this, including new battleboards, multiplayer scenarios and other neat stuff. Also if you pre-order you could get your hands on this guy...

Scot Warlord

If you pre-order then you get your hands on the Scots Warlord (free I might add!) And that's a pretty awesome model.

Will you get involved in the Northern Fury?

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