SAGA Unveils the Threat of the Skraelings for Salute 2012!

April 19, 2012 by brennon

As if their latest expansion Northern Fury wasn't enough, the minds behind SAGA are unleashing the Skraelings on your poor unsuspecting Viking invaders! Check out the set that will be available from Gripping Beast at Salute on Saturday!

Skraeling Warband

This set will feature one Warlord, a bunch of Warriors and a handful of Levy troops to make up the numbers. While not at all like their previous releases these are something pretty special. It really opens up the types of games you could play with the world of SAGA.

Skraeling Chieftain

They get their own A4 rules sheet as well as a new Battleboard, which works with any set of SAGA dice. These are going to be in short supply at the event so you better head over and grab them if they take your fancy.

Will you push back the invading Vikings?

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