Victrix’s Mini Concepts Join the Computer Era

April 16, 2013 by dracs

Victrix have started using computer renders to help them create their range of historical miniatures, with the first fully rendered mini appearing on their site.

Victrix - Greek Peltast

These renders were created by scanning a traditional master sculpt, but the use of computer tech has allowed Victrix to clean up the sculpt.

Victrix have also published a couple of other pieces which they have rendered using this method.

Victrix - Hanoverian Heads

Victrix - Punic War Roman Heads

According to Victrix, scanning traditionally sculpted masters, rather than sculpting the miniature directly on the computer, allows them to keep the flaws which make for a more characterful sculpt, as well as avoiding problems with proportioning later on.

What are your thoughts on this matter guys? Is computer sculpting better or worse than traditional sculpting?

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