Hakkaa päälle!!! It’s the Finnish Cavalry!

February 18, 2011 by beerogre

Warlord Games have a further release for their Pike & Shotte range. This time it's the Swedish Cavalry from the Thirty Years War.

Who can also be painted as Finnish Cavalry... ha-ha... see what I did there!

This box of sterling gentlemen can make a unit of 12 mounted cavalry and a smaller unit of 6 commanded infantry each armed with muskets.

This box of mixed horse and infantry can also be painted to represent German and Finnish Horse, rather than Swedish. However, this kit contains metal and plastic components, so you're going to need superglue and plastic glue if you're going to tackle it.

My personal favourite has to be the King of Sweden... Gustavus Adolphus...

What do you think guys? Is historical stuff like this just your thing or not?

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