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Hobby Lab: Flat Pack Travel Rock Set


Hobby Lab: Orky Barricades Da Boss Wud Be Proud Of!


Da Boss needs good defences to shoot from and this terrain is perfectly haphazard and awesome to make so we just had to give it a go.

Hobby Lab: Old Timey Western Water Tower Part 2


We're back with another Hobby Lab, this time we're confinuing off where we left off last week and building the scaffold part of the Modular Water Tower.

Hobby Lab: Old Timey Western Water Tower Part 1


Yes, it's Hobby Lab time and this week we're bringing you a water fuelled two parter episode in which we show you how to make this awesome Modular Water Tower.

Hobby Lab: Historical Hay Stacks & Modern Hay Bales


It's no good having empty fields on your tabletop. We show you how to spruce them up with some Historical & Modern Hay Bales... As well as looking ace they work as good makeshift cover!

Hobby Lab: Creating Modular Security Fencing


Hobby Lab is back for a new series!

Hobby Lab: Creating Shell Strikes on Tanks


John and Justin invade the Hobby Lab set to bring you guys a cool tutorial about modeling shell strikes on... you've guessed it, tanks.

Hobby Lab: Creating Cool Battlefield Craters


In this episode of Hobby Lab we create some really cool craters using the fields we made in an earlier episode called "Dual Scale Threshed & Ploughed Fields".

Hobby Lab: Model Trains in Wargaming & Making Your Own Track


In this Hobby Lab episode we discuss model train gauges/scales and which are best, if any, for particular wargame scales then show you lot a great way to make your own train track using another handy PDF guide.

Hobby Lab: DIY Telegraph Poles With Our Handy Guide


In this Hobby Lab we create some telegraph poles using a handy PDF guide we have created that look great in a game of Bolt Action.

Hobby Lab: Easily Made Pallet Scenery!


In the grim dark future there are only old wooden pallets to protect you!

Hobby Lab: Make Cool Palm Trees With Our PDF Template Part 2


In part two of our guide to making gaming palm trees Lloyd get's busy with paints and a Scouring Pad!

Hobby Lab: Make Cool Palm Trees With Our PDF Template Part 1


Discover how to build some really cool looking palm trees for your gaming table.

Hobby Lab: The Complete Guide to Asteroids


Hobby Lab: Making Model Gaming Trees (It’s Fast & Fun!)


Make any gaming table more attractive by making your own super cool trees. In less than 20 min you could have your first tree done!

Hobby Lab: Creating City Roads & Blocks Part 2


In this episode we showing you how to makeup and apply a Beasts of War MagiMix that will create a cool concrete texture!

Hobby Lab: Creating City Roads & Blocks Part 1


Want to play epic battles in a massive cityscape? We show you how to create awesome City Roads & Blocks in this multi-part Hobby Lab!

Hobby Lab: Making Cool Camo Nets With Stencils


Download Our Unique Camo Stencil Set Inside!

Hobby Lab: Heroic Barb Wire


One of the best barbed wire techniques you will ever try, Perfect for Warhammer 40K, Bolt Action and every gaming table you want to go 'CRUNCH'!

Hobby Lab: Making Amazing Hedgerows The Easy Way!


With this tutorial you will know all you need to cover a 6x4 or greater gaming table with hedges galore!

Hobby Lab: Dual Scale Threshed & Ploughed Fields


We show you how to build some great fields for your gaming table! Note: An adult should supervise any younger viewers who wish to follow this tutorial.

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