Privateer Spin Us A Yarn From Iron Kingdoms Unleashed

January 24, 2015 by brennon

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If you've been interested in the world of Iron Kingdoms Unleashed from Privateer Press then you'll want to check out this latest insider update where they tell us the story of Zocha and go into more detail about her character...


Here's a snippet...

"Zocha vaulted over fallen trees and moss-covered stones as she raced through the unspoken and overgrown byways of the Gnarls, her precise movements making no sound despite her haste. Three days had passed since her failed challenge against Galbar for leadership of the White Maw, three days of self-imposed exile. In that time she had slain several scouting parties belonging to the farrow warband responsible for the death of her tribe’s former chieftain, and here was yet another. As she studied the winding trail of broken twigs and hoof prints with her trained eye, she knew she would spill yet more blood before the day drew to a close."

Zocha (Full)

Last week we learned more about her character and the class which dabbles in blood magic. It certainly sounds like she's going to have a lot of fun once you read the full short story!

Give it a read and let us know!

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