Futura and Paranormal Take Form in Infamy

November 6, 2014 by dracs

Two new spectacular ladies are getting modelled in Infamy: Welcome to the Big Smoke as the sculpt for the robotic Futura gets finished and work begins on Paranormal.

First up, we get to see the finished renders for Futura, a cold, robotic beauty who will tower over most other models in the game.


Futura Back

Every time I see Futura I am instantly put in mind of the robot from Fritz Lang's Metropolis, only even more intimidating and with beautifullly ornate detailing, all of which can be seen picked out in this sculpt. The model is one of the X-Large Infamy miniatures, which also includes models such as Frank Hyde, although a collector's 32mm scale version will also be available.

From something futuristic we come to a model that brings us the mysteries of the other side.


Paranormal is a wonderful design with the spirits of the departed flowing out of the mists around her. While this model is in early stages, we can already see just how dramatic a model it will make. As a sucker for a ghost story, I love this model already and really want to know more of her backstory.

Are you looking forward to getting your Infamy pledges? What do you think of Futura and Paranormal?

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