Check Out The June Pre-Orders For Corvus Belli’s Infinity!

May 15, 2020 by brennon

We're still in the middle of May but the team at Corvus Belli has been taking a look ahead to what's coming soon for Infinity. A whole host of pre-order options popped up recently.

Securitate Feuerbach - Corvus Belli

We start with a couple of single miniatures from the collection. Above we've got the Securitate Feuerbach, an example of the best security operatives available to the Nomads and Securitate. They are able to bring a good amount of firepower to the tabletop.

As well as this fellow, we also saw the shadowy Grief Operator who is looking exceptionally cool. This particular individual is perfect for fighting behind enemy lines with those duel breaker pistols.

Grief Operator With Two Breaker Pistols - Corvus Belli

They can use their impersonation skill to get behind enemy lines and then strike at foes who are unawares. I love the style of armour mixed with the epically cool hood and mask. This fellow looks like he would be insanely fun to paint, especially if you tried to make him look like he is blending in with the background.

First Responder

As well as the characters above, we also have this medic in the form of the Delta Unit (Doctor w/ Yudbot-B). This shows off the mix between the more realistic and cutesy options that Corvus Belli bring to the tabletop in Infinity.

-5ebe553ca53e8--5ebe553ca53e9Delta Unit Doctor With Yudbot - Corvus Belli.png

Working as an elite assault operative, this battlefield medic can do plenty of damage. Additionally, they can also heal up those who have been embroiled in the thickest of fighting. This is a good option for those looking to finish off their O-12 army and give it a bit more staying power.

Combined Army

One of the coolest factions from Infinity is the Combined. Thankfully, a new set which is dropping in June collects together some of their best looking aliens to date.

Combined Army Shasvastii Action Pack - Corvus Belli

Inside this set you get ten models that break down into three Nox Troopers with Combi Rifle, one Mentor with Boarding Shotgun, one Caliban with Boarding Shotgun, one Caliban with Spitfire, one Shrouded with Combi Rifle, one Gwailo with HMG, one Malignos with Boarding Shotgun and the special character Sheskiin with Red Fury.

So, if you're looking to put together a properly awesome force of Combined who can eradicate a bunch of pathetic humans, this would be a good shout. Again, the details and motion captured in these sculpts is great, combining (hah) anime style with High Sci-Fi.

What do you make of these miniatures coming June 25th?

"What do you make of these miniatures coming June 25th?"

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