Infinity: Operation Crimson Stone Week Coming Monday!

July 2, 2021 by brennon

The folks at Corvus Belli are ramping up for a new themed week for their Sci-Fi skirmish game, Infinity. Crimson Stone Week begins 5th July through to 9th July and will feature all manner of videos on the new set!

Operation Crimson Stone Week Trailer

Catch Pre-Orders For Operation Crimson Stone 5th July - 22nd July

Operation Crimson Stone is the newest Code One option for Infinity that sees Ariadna facing off against the Nomads. As well as that, pre-order will also get bundled up with some excellent miniatures as you can see here.


Operation Crimson Stone Pre-Orders

Make sure to check back next week on Monday as we'll be showing off all of the Corvus Belli videos for you to digest!

Which faction are you going to be playing as?

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