New Infinity Releases – March 2019!

February 19, 2019 by crew

We're back with another round of releases from the folks at Corvus Belli for the world of Infinity. Come and check out what's new for March 2019.

New Infinity Releases - March 2018!

The first of these releases is the Zulu-Cobra for PanOceania.

This new recon and intervention team drops in as a new Hacker for your faction, able to delve into the mix when it comes to amphibian and jungle warfare especially.

Following on from the new character for PanOceania we also have a dip into Yu Jing and check out the Haido Special Support Group.

This fellow is here to complement the regular units of Invincibles that are striking out on the battlefield. A sniper rifle is always a good tool to have in your arsenal, ranging in on the enemy and popping them whenever they stick their heads out.

Next up we're looking to the frosty fronts of Ariadna with the Frontoviks, Assault Separated Bat.

These chaps are hardened soldiers who have faced some of the toughest fighting out on the front. They are trustworthy and stalwart, ready to dive into hell to carry out their mission for the cause.

Next up we're looking to the Brawlers who are here to get stuck in and prove that violence is always the solution.

They don't hang back, ready to get stuck in and bring down the enemy with a frontal assault, using those big weapons to good effect as they smash through enemy lines and secure objectives.

Last but not least, and possibly my favourite model of this set of releases is Perseus, Rogue Myrmidon.

This chap comes with two pistols, which immediately makes him epic, and a rather cool story too. He chose to live and keep fighting instead of committing suicide to avoid a Sepsitorisation. He is considered a traitor to his former brothers in arms and now offers his talents fighting alongside the Nomads.

He is still one of the best assault operatives in the Sphere created with one purpose, to fight and cause destruction.

Will you be snagging these?

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