Infinity: Shattergrounds Online Campaign Phase 2 Now Live! Get Involved!

October 12, 2023 by lloyd

Shattergrounds Campaign Phase 2 Now Live! 

Get Your Battle Reports In & Fight For Your Faction!

Corvus Belli and OnTableTop have launched a brand new Infinity Online Campaign - Click Here To SIGN UP for FREE! Shattergrounds is a way to become part of the story within the Infinity universe and maybe change the course of the narrative!

Infinity: Shattergrounds - Sign Up For Free Today

You will be able to dive in and take part as any of the Infinity factions as you fight over the planet of Concilium Prima. Following on from the events of the ENDSONG (check out our Themed Week for more details), the planet Concilim has suffered a major cataclysm that has created six Quantum Anomaly Zones that your factions are going to be fighting over in order to control them. Played out over the course of a number of phases, you will choose your faction and complete missions within these zones.

When Can I Get Involved?

The campaign is now live and will last for three weeks. Shattergrounds begins on 2nd October and runs until the 23rd October.

  • Phase 1 - 2nd October (Time 12:00 BST)
  • Phase 2 - 12th October (Time 15:00 BST)
  • Campaign Ends - 23rd October (Time 17:00 BST)

Throughout the three-week campaign, players from PanOceania, Yu Jing, Ariadna, Nomads, Haqqislam, Combined Army, ALEPH, O-12, Tohaa and the JSA will be able to fight to see if they can control the different zones and seize victory.

Infinity: Shattergrounds Phase #1 // Corvus Belli

Infinity: Shattergrounds Phase #2 // Corvus Belli

Much like our previous campaigns, players from all around the world can get involved and input their results alongside pictures, videos, full battle reports and more. We're encouraging you to get involved at home, with your local clubs and perhaps at events and tournaments as well if you get the chance. All of your victories matter so don't forget to log them throughout the month!

Infinity: Shattergrounds Phase 1 - Our Comprehensive Guide & What To Anticipate!

Make sure to keep an eye out for videos from Corvus Belli and OnTableTop throughout the course of the campaign as we delve deeper into what's going on and see where the story is going as the balance of power shifts!

Taking Part - Sign Up Now & Get Involved

Much like previous Corvus Belli and OnTableTop campaigns, Shattergrounds is being hosted via the Warconsole. You can now sign up and join the campaign alongside your faction of choice.

Hit The Sign-Up Page & Join In

Check Out The Latest News

Confused? Check Out The How-To Guide

Over the course of three weeks and two phases, the story will evolve and develop as you fight for control of different parts of Concilium Prima. In addition to that, there will be places to engage with fellow wargamers/commanders and plan out your strategies. It's a perfect opportunity to get stuck in and play out a bunch of games with your favourite Infinity miniatures.

Make sure to look out for more information about how to get involved as we move toward the start of the campaign. You won't want to miss this one! So, get your Infinity miniatures painted up! Maybe consider making yourself a Project here on OnTableTop to show off what you've been up to?

Are you going to be taking part in the Shattergrounds?

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