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Battle Foam Infinity Alpha & Beta Bags Review


Are you looking for a bag for your Infinity collection?

Painting a Yu Jing Pheasant Rank Agent… Part 2


Romain finishes his spectacular Pheasant Rank Agent.

Will the Aleph get their First Fire Team?


Carlos gives us the answer to one of the hottest questions in the Infinity universe... what will the Aleph get for their first fire team!

Free Infinity Mission PRISONER P-09… Part 2


The game is about to come to conclusion... but who will win?

Infinity Mule Remotes – From Rearguard to Cybersphere


Gutier Luquiños gives us an insight into the tactical advantages of taking a Baggage Remote in your Infinity battle force.

What are the Nomads Faction due to get in the Infinity Campaign Book?


What sneaky additions can the Nomads expect in the latest Infinity update... Carlos can tell us!

Fear the Upgraded Power of the Combined Army!


Carlos tells us the latest updates to the Combined Army.

Yu Jing Imperial Agent: Pheasant Rank… Part 1


After becoming a more important leader for the Yu Jing, the Pheasant Rank Agent is one all you Yu Jing players will be looking for. Romain shows us how he paints this glorious warrior of the Emperor!

Free Infinity Mission PRISONER P-09… Part 1


Exclusive FREE mission designed for Beasts of War by the writers of Infinity.

What’s the Latest for Haqqislam?


Carlos gives us the low down on that latest reinforcements for Haqqislam in the new Campaign Book.

How do the Yu Jing fare in the new Infinity Campaign Book


Carlos tells us about the latest Yu Jing updates in the new Infinity Campaign Book.

What’s New for the Ariadna in the Latest Infinity Book?


Carlos speaks to Andy about the latest Ariadna updates in the Infinity Campaign Book.

Recovering Loses: The Infinity Support Packs


Infinity is a deadly game, where the lives of your soldiers can be tragically cut short at any moment, but what about those troops who can help to keep your warriors in the fight? Gutier Lusquiños, writer of Infinity, gives us his thoughts on those vital support models... the Doctor & Engineer.

What’s New for PanOceania in the Infinity Campaign Book


Carlos tell us about some of the new models due to be release for PanOceania in the new Infinity book.

Introducing the Tohaa… A Brand New Faction for Infinity


The Toha are the latest alien faction to hit the universe of Infinity... Carlos from Corvus Belli gives us the inside story!

The Tohaa are Here… Exclusive Video!


Here's the first look at the Tohaa models, the fantastic new faction for Infinity!

The Brand New Infinity Campaign Book is Here!


Carlos tells Warren about the contents of the new book for Infinity... the long awaited Campaign Book.

Infinity Campaign Book & Tohaa Trailer


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