Recovering Loses: The Infinity Support Packs

August 7, 2012 by beerogre

Infinity is well-known as a deadly game, where troops can easily be taken down at long distances. This is due to the long range of the game’s weapons and the Automatic Reaction Order (ARO) system which ensures that each time an active figure moves or acts it is exposed to reactive fire from those enemy figures which have Line of Fire.

However, in Infinity a miniature in an Unconscious state is not totally lost, as a player still has a chance to recover it. To do so, the best option is to use a Doctor, if you want to heal a wounded trooper, or an Engineer, if you want to repair a Remote or a T.A.G. These specialist soldiers can recover your fallen troops from the Unconscious state just by succeeding at a WIP Roll. However, to be able to do so they need to be in base contact with them. This means they must reach their target to recover it. And, as stated above, to cross an Infinity battlefield is a dangerous task. Your recovery specialists will be exposed to the same threats that took down their patient, which is not necessarily a great idea.

However, Infinity is a science-fiction game, and high technology is always present on the battlefield. The military industry has not only developed weapons of destruction but also protective technologies. So, to prevent your valuable Doctors and Engineers facing the dangers of an open combat zone the Ghost: Servant Remotes have been developed.

These fast and tiny robots have been created to be the remote healing and repairing hands of your recovery specialists. The Servant Remotes are activated by the Order of their Controller, whether a Doctor or an Engineer, replicating those skills declared by him. In this way, the Doctor or Engineer can safely hide out of the enemy’s Lines of Fire, controlling his Remote to reach the target and heal or repair it. Servant Remotes are relatively inexpensive and permit help to arrive wherever it is needed, in the fastest way possible. All technological Infinity armies can count on these useful little remote- controlled robots which have become essential in any Army List possessing a Doctor or an Engineer.

Being conscious of that, Corvus Belli is now releasing a new kind of product called Support Boxes. These four figure boxes comprise the main Doctor and Engineer models for a faction and a pair of their corresponding Servant Remotes. The first Support Box released is the Yu Jing one, but soon the PanOceania Support Box will join it. Each technological army will have its Support Box. This new product has been specially conceived for new players coming to Infinity, providing them with all they need in one single package. Good news for their wounded or disabled troops, because no man should be left behind now!

Written by Gutier Lusquiños.

Edited by David Satterthwaite.

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