NEW Infinity Online Campaign – Shattergrounds Coming Soon!

September 29, 2023 by crew

Corvus Belli and OnTableTop are going to be bringing a brand new Online Campaign to tabletops in October for Infinity. Infinity: Shattergrounds will see your factions fighting over the planet Concilium after the events depicted in the latest ENDSONG book (Find Out More About ENDSONG Here).

Infinity: Shattergrounds Update // Corvus Belli

The planet Concilim has suffered a major cataclysm that has created six Quantum Anomaly Zones that your factions are going to be fighting over in order to control them. Played out over the course of a number of phases, you will choose your faction and complete missions within these zones.

When & How Can I Get Involved?

The campaign will last for three weeks. Shattergrounds begins on 2nd October and runs until the 23rd October.

  • Phase 1 - 2nd October (Time 12:00 BST)
  • Phase 2 - 12th October (Time 15:00 BST)
  • Campaign Ends - 23rd October (Time 17:00 BST)

Throughout the three-week campaign, players from PanOceania, Yu Jing, Ariadna, Nomads, Haqqislam, Combined Army, ALEPH, O-12, Tohaa and the JSA will be able to fight to see if they can control the different zones and seize victory.  Talking of the different zones, here are just some of the locations you'll be fighting over...


Lorena - Bois Blue Gate // Infinity: Shattergrounds

"Controlling access to Bois Bleu Island means having a direct connection to the corporate and political elites of Concilium. Everyone who has wealth and power in this system owns a villa on this exclusive island, which has become a vacation retreat for celebrities and leading figures of politics and industry. Hence, if you control whether or not these people can access their homes, either through the marina, the docks, or the bridge that connects the island to the mainland, you will suddenly become best friends with all these influential and powerful people."


Huaqiao - Tai Sui Facilities // Infinity: Shattergrounds

"Tai Sui, the deity whose sixty incarnations represent time in Chinese mythology, lends its name to the facilities that house the Master Clock, a powerful quantronic clock that provides the official time of the New Calendar (NCT). This is used for navigation in space, which is very important, but it is also the time reference for Aristeia! broadcasts, which is even more crucial!"


Bhai - Terraforming Environmental Studies Campus // Infinity: Shattergrounds

"If there’s one location on Concilium Prima where Haqqislamite culture is predominant, it’s Bhai. This isn’t due only to its architecture, but also to the fact that most of its residents are of Haqqislamite descent, even if they have Conciliar citizenship. The Terraforming Environmental Studies Campus is largely the reason behind it. Created to monitor the unstable tectonics of the neighbouring Choola region, it has become key to the safety of Concilium Prima, as it now also keeps track of the Quantum Anomaly Zone that is affecting the planet’s mantle and crust in this area. Adding to their challenging tasks, the campus experts must work together with the engineers of the Ur Hegemony to minimize any possible adverse impacts."

There will be many more locations that you'll be trying to claim for your faction. Carlos talks more about them in the video above so make sure that you get the full rundown from him!

Much like our previous campaigns, players from all around the world can get involved and input their results alongside pictures, videos, full battle reports and more. We're encouraging you to get involved at home, with your local clubs and perhaps at events and tournaments as well if you get the chance. All of your victories matter so don't forget to log them throughout the month!

Watch Out For More Soon!

We'll have more on Infinity: Shattergrounds as we get closer to the launch of the campaign including more details on how you can get involved. We're also going to be charting the course of the event over the month with the help of some familiar friends, so, make sure to tune in for that!

We know that a lot of Infinity fans are fiercely loyal to their factions so this is a good chance for you to plant your flag and fight to see your faction of choice claim victory!

Which faction will you be bringing to Infinity: Shattergrounds?

"...this is a good chance for you to plant your flag and fight to see your faction of choice claim victory!"

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