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New Sci-Fi Terrain Releases From Knights Of Dice Perfect For Star Wars!


Knights of Dice is making it even easier to outfit the planet of your choice for your Legion games with their latest sci fi terrain. There’s new buildings, scatter and even a transport ready fo you to add to your games!

Hunker Down In Knights Of Dice’s Prototype Tower


Knights Of Dice are showing off more of Sandport Hydra as they revealed the prototype design for their Tower which is looking rather nifty indeed.

Sandport Hydra Terrain Hits Soon From Knights Of Dice


The new terrain set, Sandport Hydra, is coming soon from the terrain crafters at Knights Of Dice.

New Buildings From Knights Of Dice To Set The Perfect Scenes


Knights of Dice continues to add fantastic pieces to their different terrain ranges. This month it’s multiple buildings and kits to upgrade your existing pieces.

Knights Of Dice Tease New Malaysian Shop WIP’s For Sentry City


Looks like there is some more lovely buildings heading into Sentry City from Knights of Dice. Inspired by a recent trip, some Malaysian Shop Houses are currently under construction for their 28mm ranges.

15mm Desert Warfare Terrain Coming Soon From Knights Of Dice


Knights of Dice are looking to create some 15mm Scale Versions of their Tabula Rasa: Desert Building range for you to use in your smaller scale wargaming.

Build Knights Of Dice’s Massive Breyfogle Logistics Warehouse


Knights Of Dice have been tinkering around over the last few weeks and have bought out one of their biggest kits, the Breyfogle Logistics Warehouse.

Take A Sneak Peek At Knights Of Dice’s New Terrain Piece


Knights Of Dice has given us a preview of what lies ahead for their terrain range. See what you make of this digital work showing off a sneaky snippet.

Knights Of Dice Lay The Foundations For Your New City


Knights of Dice has found the perfect way to change up the look and feel of your city scenes with their new City Foundations. There’s beauty in simplicity here as you can use these lifts with a variety of terrain to provide new levels and heights for your games.

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We announced winners for Shattered Void and Infinity Week as well as diving into our ideas for Scatter Terrain and the Hobby Lab Open Challenge!

Knights Of Dice Show Off New Letters Home: Normandy Range


Historical gamers! Knights of Dice has made sure you’re not forgotten as they’ve announced their next range, Letters Home, featuring Normandy as the first theater.

Sentry City: Waterfront Hits The Webstore From Knights Of Dice


Now you can bring all the fun of the amusement park to your gaming table with the latest MDF terrain from Knights of Dice. Their Sentry City: Waterfront range can set the scene for any style of game table you’re going for.

Popcorn! Get Your Popcorn From Knights Of Dice’s Waterfront


What amusement park would be complete without a Popcorn Cart or two? Knights of Dice couldn’t agree more, which is why you can expect this clever terrain piece in their upcoming Sentry City: Waterfront range.

Knights Of Dice Shows Off Preview Of New Waterfront Amusement Park


Picture the amusement park on the water’s edge. Is it well maintained and vibrant or is it run down and scary? Soon Knights of Dice will let you set the scene with their new Sentry City: Waterfront range.

Knights Of Dice Offer A Peek At Their Aftermath Range Coming In March


The terrain wizards at Knights of Dice dropped a neat look at their latest WIP, a ruined terrain range. This range is slated to be called, Aftermath, and features not only lovely, ruined buildings, but some fantastic elevated roads.

Knights Of Dice Bring The Kraken Petroleum Gas Station To The Table


Knights of Dice will be releasing the kit for their latest terrain addition, Kraken Petroleum, this week. This fantastic gas station easily lends itself to pulpy/post apocalyptic gaming and offers playable terrain both inside and out.

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Knights Of Dice Launch Stunning Wave Two For Sentry City – Chinatown


Did you ever think that perhaps your city table needed a little variety? Knights of Dice has added Chinatown to it’s Sentry City range with three new stunning buildings.

Knights Of Dice Launches New 28mm Terrain Range: Sentry City


Looking for a beautiful, 28mm city range for your table top? Check out Knights of Dice’s newest range, Sentry City! With 10 different buildings and accessories, you can put together a table any pulp hero would be proud to play on.