Chow Down At Knights Of Dice’s Cyberpunk Foodcourt

May 19, 2020 by brennon

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Building on their selection of awesome Sci-Fi terrain, the team at Knights Of Dice showed off three new released for this month recently. We start with a shady place perfect for sneaky dealings, the Shirrow Ave Tunnel.

-5ec3dbe5a082a--5ec3dbe5a0836Shirrow Ave Tunnel - Knights Of Dice.jpg

This piece (shown in the centre) is meant to be combined with other buildings as you can see here but it provides you with a perfect spot for a bit of murder. Without the additional buildings, it would also work as the entrance to a bigger tunnel complex but I think it looks when it is built into more urban elements.

Whilst, of course, this could be used for all manner of games, I tend to get a bit of a Batman vibe off it too. I reckon this is the place where you could see thugs hanging out. Of course, you could also pack it with smashed up vehicles and have a very explosive showdown between Cyberpunk forces on it as well.

Cyberpunk Chow

As well as the Tunnel, we also got a neat Foodcourt Rooftop Platform which is the perfect place for your gangs to meet and then getting into a feisty food-filled firefight.

Foodcourt Rooftop Platform - Knights Of Dice

This Rooftop Platform can be combined with an additional unit to give you a larger playspace and the various foodcourt units can also be slid in and out depending on how you want to set it up.

Foodcourt Rooftop Platform Separated - Knights Of Dice

This is very funky and of course, gives you a way to integrate the different food units in a tidier way. I like the idea of picking up a few different units and then changing out the plastic additions now and again to make it feel like you're wandering through different parts of the city.

Oh, and you can also pick up a bunch of Foodcourt Tables which are going to be good for hiding behind when the bullets start flying!

Foodcourt Tables - Knights Of Dice

This kind of terrain and associated scatter elements help to create lived-in worlds and make things feel more realistic (as much as it can be) on the tabletop. There are plenty more opportunities to make your Sci-Fi tabletops look real snazzy.

What do you think of this collection?

"There are plenty more opportunities to make your Sci-Fi tabletops look real snazzy..."

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