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UK Games Expo 2019 Live Blog Extra!

UK Games Expo 2019 Live Blog Extra!

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Stream Catch Up - Cartimundi Games


Ryan is joined by Louis from Cartimundi to discuss the manufacturing side of your favourite board games.

With literally centuries of experience, Cartimundi are the top manufacturers of board and card games in the world. Crafting over a MILLION card decks in one day they’re ready to help out the smaller groups and individuals to create your own ideas into what you see on the tabletop today.

Check out the Make My Game here

What say you? Do you have a game you’ve been itching to get to the printers?

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Cult of Games Member

This is crazy good, getting prototypes done for anything is difficult as some large companies are only interested if you confirm orders etc. Seems like an awesome service for start-ups and to get extremely close to production quality is crazy. This should also stop people from getting into the issue where they design a game and no shop would carry it as they are industry sizes.


Now if I could somehow just persuade Konami to allow me the use the Silent Hill video Game IP free of charge, I just need then to design an awesome (beginner’s luck) boardgame with cards or a card game with a board based on that universe – with a Solo-Play Mode of course – and have Make My Game prototype it for me… Yes, that Sounds like a Plan.

OK, seriously now, Make My Game is something I will be checking out and starting to work on some ideas for games.


I love hearing about the behind the scenes stuff like this

now if only I had a game I was bursting to release (rather than the crude hacks of existing ones)

Cult of Games Member

Louis my people will be talking to your people.
Or else! there will be no war.


I love that this service exists, both as a prototyping service and final production. I can only imagine how this helps people make their ideas reality.

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