Weta Workshop Dig Too Deep & Unleash The Balrog!

September 23, 2014 by brennon

We don't usually delve into the world of big miniatures too often simply because they don't work too well on the tabletop but Weta Workshop have opened up pre-orders for this very cool looking Balrog piece. See what you think of the Demon of Shadow & Flame!

Balrog (Front)

Balrog (Detail)

Balrog (Side)

Balrog (Rear)

As you can see it's quite the fantastic piece of work. Each one is hand painted for a collection that only numbers 1500. In terms of scale it comes in at  20.5" x 17.5" x 11.8" (H x W x D) so it's quite the beast! I was going to say that it would be fun to see if you could use this one on the tabletop in some kind of Bridge of Khazad-Dum mega-fight but it might not work.

Making sure you have some room on the shelf for it and keeping it in pride of place around the rest of your collection is probably the best option. I hope you'll agree that it's quite the awesome piece though!

Would you grab one?

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