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Z-Man Games Announces Acquisition Of Love Letter


Z-Man Games have announced that they have acquired the popular card game Love Letter.

Star Wars Love Letter Is Coming…For Russians Only


It looks like all of your hopes and dreams for a Star Wars version of AEG’s Love Letter have been shattered. A million voices are crying out in pain right now. Because of some weird licensing laws the only place they are allowed to sell copies of it is Russia!

Weekender XLBS: FoW Team Yankee Boot Camp Sold Out


Sit back and relax with The Weekender
XLBS where we’re getting stuck
into a whole bunch of
interesting topics bought
up in the tabletop
gaming world
this week…

Team Yankee
Boot Camp:

Alderac Entertainment Show Off Adventure Time Love Letter


Alderac Entertainment are adding another version of Love Letter to their repertoire. Adventure Time is the next property getting the lovely plush bag treatment and it looks awesome.

Wil Wheaton & Friends Play Love Letter & Coup On Tabletop


Wil Wheaton and friends played Love Letter and Coup which are two games all about deduction and bluffing. Both of these games might sound a bit weird but they are well worth playing as a nice stop gap game.

Love Letter Heads Off To The Land Of Adventure Time Soon!


Will you be won over by this new version of Love Letter coming out of AEG in the near future? Adventure Time has won the hearts and minds of many!