Beautiful New Version Of Love Letter In The Cards For 2019!

April 13, 2019 by brennon

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Z-Man Games has announced that they are going to be bringing to life a brilliant new version of Love Letter, the party-game classic.

Love Letter 2019 - Z-Man Games

This new version of Love Letter comes with a brand new selection of artwork, which is more diverse and immediately full of character. I love the classic Love Letter set and the theming behind it, but I think this will immediately appeal to a few more people.

Love Letter 2019 Contents #1 - Z-Man Games

As well as the card art, new card backs, and those lovely looking new favour tokens, we also have a few new roles being thrown into the mix.

Love Letter 2019 Contents #2 - Z-Man Games

Joining the classic line-up, you'll now find the Chancellor who allows you to try for a win right out of the gate with his high value of six, or use him to help sway a round, drawing cards to manipulate the deck and force others into mistakes.

You also have the new character of the Spy. She is perfect for those who can stay under the radar. She won't be winning you any rounds with her value of zero, but her added ability means that if you were the only person to play a Spy, you get a favour token.

This has all been added into the game to help support play with up to six players. I think it's a great choice, especially for those that want a game to take down to the pub!

I could see many people snapping this up at conventions this year.

"I could see many people snapping this up at conventions this year..."

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