Geek and Sundry Bring Magic to Life in New Show Spellslingers!

September 24, 2013 by dracs

Geek and Sundry have launched a new show this week all about my favourite card game, Magic the Gathering. Whether you are new to the game or an old hand be sure to check out Spellslingers.


Spellslingers is a TableTop-style show entirely focused on Magic the Gathering. Each episode sees host Sean Plott (aka Day[9]) taking on one of his friends in the classic card game.

Deck Summon

As they progress through the duel the various rules and tactics are discussed and explained, while visuals and cut-aways  make it easy to understand what's going on, whether or not you are previously familiar with the game.

Islands are Not Dudes

At the beginning of each episode the players have their decks randomly selected for them by spinning a wheel, making the games fair and stopping the show from getting repetitive as we see new combos and tactics constantly being brought to bare.

The Wheel of Fate

In this first episode Sean is given an Orzhov black / white Extort deck to go up against the might of the Simic's blue / green, controlled by E-Sports commentator Rob Simpson.

Who will emerge triumphant? Watch Spellslingers and find out.

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