Magic The Gathering: Raging Beast Vs Black Void Finale!

April 11, 2014 by brennon

It's now time for the final match between Chris and Biggs as they bring a Blue & Black Deck up against a Green & Black one. If you want to read the first two games and hear about the deck construction then check out the first part HERE.


Without further ado let's see how wins!

Game Three

As usual Biggs goes first securing the highest roll.

As I groaned at Biggs having the first turn due to this limiting my ability to counter his spells I had a glimmer of hope! Biggs had to Mulligan his hand as he had only One Land card and plenty of expensive costing spells.

Off to a flying start it did not last long as I had to mulligan as well as I had 5 land and two high costs creatures, knowing the Deck I was facing I was concerned that had I kept that hand I would not have lasted long enough to play them.

Dimir Guild Gate

We had both opted to keep our next set of hands not wanting to drop lower than six cards in our opening hand.

The game started quietly with us both just playing land cards up to turn two, Unfortunately the Dimir guild gates that I was playing come in to play exhausted limiting my available mana significantly compared to Biggs available mana in the early stages.

On turn three Biggs plays another Advocate of the Beast. Becoming extremely frustrated with these creatures I will be honest I revelled in striking it down with Doom blade. Let’s reset the board its Turn 4!

Rumbling Beloth

Turn four sees a repeat of the last turn but with a Rumbling Beloth falling victim to a Doom Blade this time. It appears as if I have learnt my lesson from earlier on.

Turn five sees us both play creatures that cost us three mana a piece. Yet another Advocate of the Beast being played by Biggs and a Nightveil Spectre on my side. This takes us to turn six with a relatively quiet board.

Turn 6 is where the wheels begin to come off and Biggs slams down a Fire Shrieker that once attached will give one of Biggs creatures Double Strike. I opted to play a clone of assuming the role of a second Nightveil Spectre. I had taken first blood dealing two damage with my original Spectre but it looks as if things are starting to settle in for Biggs and his Advocate of the Beast.

On the next turn Biggs plays a Kalonian Hydra. This card was bad news for me as it rapidly grows in power and toughness due to doubling its counters every time it strikes. I was able to play Consuming Aberration but I haven’t really been able to mill many cards from Biggs deck. I will be honest things are looking painful for me as Biggs had played an Artificers Hex that about to kill my Nightveil Spectre.

Nightveil Spectre

On the next turn Biggs Attacked with his Hydra for eight damage, He then attached Fire Shrieker to Advocate of the Beast. This was a bit of a slip here as Biggs had intended to attach it to his Hydra but had already declared his attack and so couldn’t attach it for the attack in this turn. I didn’t have many options playing a cloned that became a Cloned Consuming Aberration and played Duress that didn’t do a whole lot for me.

Things are looking grim for me going forward.

Biggs then plays a Mark of the Vampire on his Hydra; he also then corrects his fire shrieker hiccup earlier and also puts this on his Hydra. All of this means that his Hydra now has Trample, Life link, and Double Strike with a whopping 18 power on its next attack. Due to my poor milling my Consuming Aberrations offered no competition and even with using everything I could to block this attack was going to crush me. It was game over and Biggs could take his victory lap!

The Aftermath

For me I had some good cards available but the doom blades didn’t help my consuming aberrations and in this game it cost me but if I am honest, those enchantments on the Hydra? I would have killed for a Doom Blade to have thwarted that threat!

Doom Blade

The games were good fun and I enjoyed them but my Deck had a bit of an off day not really doing what its intended. What did I learn from this? Consistency is king! Some cards I will be reviewing and I will let you guys know where the changes take me.

What did these mean for Biggs? Not a whole lot really, the Elves and their Beasts did the damage though for a Green and Black deck not a whole lot of Black cards featured for Biggs or the ones that did had often been exiled by my Spectres!

Overall thoroughly enjoyable games and at the risk of sounding like a 90’s Saturday morning cartoon villain vengeance will be mine!

Chris Elwell

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