Sneak A Peek At Some Gremlins & More For Malifaux!

July 15, 2014 by brennon

Over on Twitter some more Malifaux characters have been shown off for Wyrd Games' rather successful tabletop skirmish game. I've been playing a bit of this recently and have been enjoying it a fair bit. See what you think of these pieces of artwork!



Gremlin Rider

To kick things off we have the rather cool looking gremlins that become the flavour of the month down at my local store of late. They are some of the coolest miniatures they do and while I don't know what the middle one is the top one is touted to be a Taxidermist and the bottom is a Cock Rider with a rather cool blunderbuss. So much character in these little guys.


Widow Weaver

Updated: Above are two new pieces of artwork. To begin with folks thought that eerie man with the knife was Rafkin but it has now been noted that that guess is wrong! As for the 'Widow Weaver' I mentioned above it's actually a Effigy and it's quite the creepy one at that! I can imagine this is going to be another one of those tricky miniatures to put together! So many little delicate legs!


To round things off we have a cool looking render of Nekima with an awesome sword, brilliant looking wings and of course horns to go with it! I think she's pretty much cornered the market on cool looking demons. Why she's wearing very little I don't know but I guess that goes along with her succubus thing.

Are you a big fan of Malifaux?

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