October Releases For Malifaux Appear From The Breach

October 9, 2014 by brennon

Wyrd Miniatures have popped up their upcoming releases for the month of October so soon a whole host of new creations will be making their into your Malifaux games!

Hired Guns

Let's kick things off with the more normal side of Malifaux and the Hired Guns. Another awesome set that is packed full of very cool looking miniatures. I still have the same complaint as I've had in previous pieces about the way Wyrd do their packaging. Stop showing us renders on the back and show some painted miniatures for us to check out!!!

Electric Creation

Essence of Power

Malifaux Child

Primordial Magic


Slop Haulers

The Hanged


...and then it all gets very distinctly Malifaux from that point on. Some rather cool smaller packs that can be used to boost your existing gangs and give you more options when it comes to squaring off against an opponent. Essence of Power is quite the cool set but I can't imagine being able to paint that very well!

My favourite of the lot is the Waldgeist here at the bottom. I have a thing for cool tree spirits and these have loads of character which is even more fun. I think I might enjoy giving them a go and trying my hand at aged wood and moss.

What will you be bringing to your Malifaux games next?

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