Puppet Wars from Wyrd Coming Soon

March 13, 2011 by lloyd

There’s a new game on the horizon from Wyrd Miniatures the makers or Malifaux.

It’s called Puupet Wars and as yet there isn’t much detail but a holding page has gone live at www.puppet-wars.com

A wee visit to the site quickly reveals what’s seems to be the general theme, Stitchpunk Dolls or possibly more precise Voodoo Dolls. See the pic below from the site:

Puppet Wars

I wonder how this will turn out?

But in the meantime if you want some Stitchpunk action remember to check Relices from Tor Gaming. Here’s a pic of the sort of mini’s they have already released!

Tor Gaming - Britannia Grendier

Oh and by the way there’s a Relics Group right here on Beasts of War.

BoW Lloyd

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