It’s That Release Time Again, It’s Malifaux May!

May 8, 2014 by brennon

I always like it when it gets to May time with Malifaux as it gives me an excuse to use that alliteration. So, without further ado check out what Wyrd Miniatures have on offer this month!

The Bayou Boss

Punk Zombies

Govenor's Proxy

December Acolytes

Dawn Serpent

Convict Gunslingers


So that's what you have on offer to bolster your Malifaux crews on the tabletop over the next few weeks! Despite all the crazy miniatures I actually think that the more normal human looking characters are the best of the bunch. The Convict Gunslingers and Bishop at the bottom are awesome and while those Punk Zombies are ace the Governor's Proxy is still great.

I think there is something to suit everyone's taste in this latest set of releases. What are you going to pick up?

Comment below with your favourite!

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