Wyrd Games Help Raise Malifaux’s Dead with Summoning Cards

April 17, 2014 by dracs

Raising the dead is something of a common occurrence in the world of Malifaux and it can be hard for a Necromancer to keep track of what is needed to summon the different undead beings. Now Wyrd can offer you a little help with new Summoning Cards.

Kirai Summoning Card

Molly Forgotten Life Summoning Card

Molly Forgotten Path Summoning

Nicodem Summoning Card

There is a lot to keep track of in Malifaux, so these free to download reference cards should help to keep the flow of gameplay going.

More intriguing, to my mind, is that these cards show some of the new art for Molly and Kirai. Hopefully we can expect to see more of these masters soon.

Do you play as a Resurrectionist in Malifaux?

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